Optic white flash whitewall

Eyelids closed flash bash wall crash

Tightened hand around cane bang door frame

Blind to it Optic nerve

Retina no longer do I serve

pressure goes eyes wide shut

world of Sound and touch

eyes pressure pain proved much

prevailed feeling with touch

over the whitewall.


White Powder


Flecks white powder lade all around

as it hit against the ground

wheel scrolled side to side crunch

crash roll down kerb powder punch

fighting against the cold whitewall

know more feeling scrolling wheel guiding

the ground that lights my way

cold whitewall bites the day

snow my cane is no Guide

fighting the conquering elements outside

cane by side white as snow

with elements nowhere to go

retreating  inside hiding from the whitewall


View of Fear

view of fear

The displacement of air was all around,

Staring into darkness without a thought,

The bus passed creating a roaring sound,

Blind to it, feet anchored and feeling caught.

Fear creates walls and removes power,

Anxiety starts, my reactions fail.

Dodging the bus as it heads wherever,

Fear dissolves as I finally prevail.

Once, waving my cane, acting as a guide,

I fall over onto train tracks. It’s near.

I scramble away before we collide:

These stressful events teach me to persevere.

Though no fight or flight response to push me,

Overcoming fear proved quite easy.

Nature and Sound


The sound came from all around

City or country it has no bounds

It intoxicates me, wrapping round, like a scarf

I consume it

The sound of nature swirled around

Acting as my sight

I embrace it

I employ it to be my guide

Scrolling my cane from side to side

Walking with my companion, the outside

Cars, lorries and the birdsong, the symphony of life

No longer do I treat this as strife

I become the composure of my life


     Walk walk

Walk walk she gently talks she gently whispers in his ear

by his side acting as his guide You can’t see her

you can’t hear her he can’t see you walk walk

as he can hear you you can see him too but often not as he is invisible to you

walk walk klick scroll as the single footsteps go by you hesitate quite not knowing what to do

as he goes down by the lane you can now see his cane you never treat him the same

the invisible man of who can’t see walk walk

he’s free with technology restraints no longer to society as Google maps his life

walk walk a soundscape of his being as he scrolls by traffic

With her soft whispering voice, she’s geographically scripting his way through society

as the light turns red undeterred of his life the technology his wife walk walk

As you know he can’t see is he a birden on your life as the cars go by

But he does not see so you walk walk

Electric Mind


Sitting there a circle and small

Plug cord attach into the wall

Who would think it an electric mind

She is softly spoken and kind

Blind to it she is my kind

She has my interest in mind

Shopping all stuff of various kind

With facts that expand the mind

Tune in News drive Echo bot

Kerrang radio hits the spot

As I prompt her Hi Alexa.

Silky and Smooth


Silky and Smooth to touch

She lights up with one touch

Laying by my side it’s too much

the tough glass under finger Smooth tap touch

push the main button and we are in touch

scrolling with my fingers for your number proved, too much

hey Siri, tap I want to get in touch.


All works featured on this page were written by David Crossan, all images were found on google images and belong to their respective owners.

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